To take the mystery and complexity out of purchasing insurance.

About Insurance

Insurance coverage can be complicated. While it is not the most pleasant subject to discuss, it is necessary to protect what you own. Unfortunately, what you don’t know about insurance could cost you a lot of frustration and money. That is why we believe the best form of protection is education. We are committed to providing you with up to date facts and materials to help you make the best possible choice of coverage.

Understanding Your Insurance Policy

Did you know your policy is a legally binding contract between you and your insurance company? How well do you know what is written in that contract? Download our “Understanding Your Insurance Policy” brochure for detailed explanations.

Seasons of Life

No matter what season of life you are in, we have informative materials to help you along the way. Off to college, starting your first job after graduation, a new life with your spouse, an addition to your family; these seasons of life are all good times to look at protecting your assets by reviewing the type of insurance coverage you currently have. Download and print the brochures in PDF format from the appropriate categories. Then call us at 678-475-6579 or send an email to to see the options available to you.