About Commercial Insurance

As a small business owner ourselves, Oziem & Associates provides property and casualty insurance coverage for your small to medium size business. From your one person home based business to a medium size 5,000 employee manufacturing firm, we have the right coverage to protect you from a loss. Why would you build a profitable business and not protect it correctly?

Business Interruption

You can protect yourself against losses to your business finances (cash flow, profit) that is caused by an interruption where you can not run your business. Your property and casualty insurance will pay for the damage to your building and your products, but if you make widgets and the widget making machine is damaged, your income is halted as well as property and casualty insurance will pay for your manufacturing equipment, but not for your inability to make the end product until the equipment is back up and running. Be certain your business is properly insured.


Is your business unusual or unique? If you are in the performing arts industry there are specialty insurance programs that are written specifically for a business or person. They insure the rare and distinct. It could very well be that your business is so unique to have need for coverage that is a mixture of different coverage or something written specifically for your particular risk. Learn how to protect yourself and your business.

Business Dinners, Conferences or Similar Events

Another kind of general liability coverage you may need is extra insurance for an event where you will be investing a lot of resources to grow a business. For conferences and much more, let us help you add more to your existing insurance for covering the extras you may need. Last minute event cancellation may be covered. Protect your business investments.

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